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About us

About Us

The process of product development, starting from a concept, idea of a new product, or improvements in an existing product, is complex and requires considerable effort and time. The costs of design, prototyping, and testing could be very high.


Advanced design and simulation techniques can help reduce lead time and cost considerably and could help accelerate the whole process of product development. Mechanical and electrical design breakthroughs are accelerating the development of innovative concepts, technologies, and products in this era of cutting-edge technologies. This demands advanced techniques along with rapid and cost-effective software-based design, modeling, simulation drafting, and development solutions to survey tougher market competition.

SYP Technologies is a solution-oriented group that aims to provide reliable, viable, and quality services and solutions that will enable you to respond to the modern-day challenges being faced by the industry, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.


Having 5+ years of experience working with the Industry in providing affordable solutions makes our services unique and dependable. We aim to provide world-class modeling, design, and analysis of mechanical, electrical, and electronic technologies to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency in the most cost-effective way possible.


What distinguishes SYP from the competition is our unmatched breadth and depth of services solutions including 3D design and modeling of electrical and mechanical components, parts, and machines; computational and finite element analysis of both mechanical and electrical systems; a portfolio of manufacturing expertise and capacity in selected devices, apparatus, machines, and testing equipment with scalability and financial economy.

Our Experienced Professionals

We have a strong team of Mechanical engineers for designing, material experts for manufacturing, and, Electrical engineers for the operational and automation purposes.

We have the finest talent in our camp to maintain continuous communication throughout the research and manufacturing cycle, our engineers collaborate closely with our materials experts.

How it works

The Design Process We Follow Mainly Includes

Our team is fully integrated in the whole process from conceptualization to prototyping and testing to patenting.

One of the most important aspect is the fact that we will assist you even after the installation of the system and will train your staff to operate and trouble shoot any of the technical issues afterwards.

All of this in the most affordable and cost effective way in the whole market.            

If you're prepared to work with a group of professionals that share your vision, let SYP offer you an original, comprehensive design and manufacturing solution.

Find your Solutions here. 

How we are able to do it?

We are able to do this because of the skills and talent of our core team members hailing from industry , academia and contractors providing a unique of pool of expertise working under the guidance of experts in each domain.

The synergy of our team provides us with flexibility and creativity to provide effective services requiring sophisticated integration, automation, and optimization solution to a range of problems and demands.

These are only a few of the factors that have allowed us to get an advantage over other technical solution providers everywhere in the world. We started out in 2016 by assisting clients with the complex design and operation of their systems and products.

Our primary goal is to create solutions that are specifically adapted to the needs of our clients and that deliver the greatest level of quality and reliability for each individual application.

Our Prestigious Clients

Renowned Global corporations and start-ups are both among our customers, but they all share a need for products that are of the highest caliber, solutions-focused, rigorously tested, and precisely constructed to the highest standards and that is what we provides to them.   

Our Area of Expertise

Are you conceptualizing a product design that will require a unique solution or analysis to gauge its performance and suitability for a particular application? Or you want to develop a dedicated or custom product for a particular area of engineering.

Talk to us, if you have a product that requires an engineering solution or assessment before conception or fabrication, or needs improvement in an existing part, component, machine, or device. Some of the best engineers in the industry, academia, and research are in our team at SYP Technologies and there hasn't yet been an issue that we couldn't satisfactorily resolve.

SYP provides state-of-the-art services in modeling, analysis, simulation, manufacturing, and Control system design for a versatile range of industries.

Client Feedback

Every customer satisfied
and feedback us

Working with SYP Tech. for several years as a regular client. Unflinchingly reliable, professional and proactive from a technology and maintenance standpoint. Best one.

Mark J

Greatest appreciation to you and the team for the outstanding job you did for us. The equipment is just what we wanted, and we were thrilled with the speed your team exercised.


Always available to answer any questions. Very knowledgeable about the services they provide. Would recommend to anyone! 100 Percent without any doubt for sure.

Elizabeth Collins

Working with SYP Tech. for several years as a regular client. Unflinchingly reliable, professional and proactive from a technology and maintenance standpoint. Best one.

Mark J