Welcome to SYP Technologies

Product/System Design and Development:

SYP tech is fully committed to solving issues related to mechanical, electrical, and electronic design of machines, components, equipment, and systems of different industries employing innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective strategies.

We specialize in electro-mechanical design solutions and are ready to push the limits and boundaries and upgrade our skillset by accepting new challenges. We provide detailed design solutions based on reliable numerical and computational analyses using modern and robust software packages accepted universally.

We can also perform experimental testing and qualification of the final design by manufacturing and testing prototypes. We are also able to carry out standard tests at the state-of-the-art facilities through our network of accredited laboratories and testing centers. 

The collective capabilities and skillset of our exceptional team are the backbone of our services in design and analysis and we are proud of it.

You can contact us for more details by sharing your issues and problems with us in total confidence.

How it works

The Design Process We Follow Mainly Includes

Design Concept Review

Initial Design

CAD Design and FEA Analyses


Product Development

Final Report

Testing and Validation