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Aerospace Industry

One of the sectors with the fastest growth rates worldwide is the aerospace sector, which includes space travel as well as commercial and military aviation.

The need for up to millions of individual parts in flight vehicles, being the principal item in the aerospace sector must by necessity have a wide range of products. The operation and upkeep of such vehicles also require several support systems.

 Military aircrafts have the biggest market share in terms of sales, followed by satellite communications and civil aircraft, in the aerospace industry.

Satellites have a wide range of civil and military applications, such as Weather observation, remote sensing, surveillance, navigation, television and radio broadcasting, and various probes that are made for scientific missions. 

In constellations ranging from three or four giant spacecraft in geosynchronous orbit to more than 100 smaller vehicles in low Earth orbit, satellites are used and deployed as critical network nodes by all major telecommunications companies.  

The complex nature of the aerospace industry requires a multitude of different parts (mostly made from metals). This requires an immense amount of precision and error-free designing as nobody can take the risk of losing millions of dollars due to miscalculations in the end product.

We are aware of the sensitive nature that is, of the aerospace industry and have developed some detailed test procedures to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of products.

Our team is well adapted and capable of designing some of the finest and most durable components for satellites and other applications for the aerospace industry.

Spacecraft Payload Equipment

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