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The shipbuilding industry manufactures larger (primarily sea-related)) vessels for the merchant fleet (cargo or passenger transport), the offshore energy industry, or military applications. It also includes products and services used in the construction, reconfiguration, and maintenance of these ships.

Shipbuilding is a vital and strategic industry in several European Nations, USA, and China. Shipyards make significant contributions to regional industry and infrastructure as well as national security interests (military shipbuilding). 

The shipbuilding/Maritime industry has to follow the maritime principles that are formulated by global-level organizations to keep sea trading running smoothly.

SYP tech can offer you a comprehensive approach to joining, inspection, and material implementation for products. This includes everything from R&D, specification, and prototyping to commissioning, installation, and training.

Our experts are fully capable of designing and testing the devices and control systems of the shipbuilding industry perfectly.

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