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Educational Lab Apparatuses

Basic Hydrology Apparatus

Flume Flow Apparatus

Hydraulic Bench Apparatus

Osborne Reynold Demonstration Apparatus

Plunger Pump Demonstration Apparatus

Turbine Service Unit

Visualization of streamline

Structure And Material Tester

Dead weight calibrator

Polygon of Forces Apparatus

Modulus of Rigidity Apparatus

Workdone by variable force Apparatus

Simple Pendulum Apparatus

Compound Pendulum Apparatus

Centre of Gravity Apparatus

Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

Gear Train Apparatus

Hooks Coupling Apparatus

Spur gear Apparatus

Fatigue Testing Machine

Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Apparatus

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Apparatus

Water Cooling Tower

Kaplan Turbine Apparatus

Francis Turbine Apparatus

Pelton Turbine Apparatus

  •  Creep testing Machine
  • Thickness Tester
  •  Charpy Impact Tester
  •  Torsion Testing
  • Machine