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FEA or Finite Element Analysis is a simulation methodology that is used by engineers to find out the weaknesses in their proposed solutions and designs, under different physical conditions during its use or operation.

Put Simply, it’s a numerical way to project the different scenarios regarding the performance and efficiency of any selected machine component and the designers can know if their solution will perform or fail even before the actual product come into existence.

FEA uses a numerical model consisting of interlinked differential equations and mathematics to visualize the effects of potentially complex scenarios and has been tremendously improved are refined to near perfection.

This is mainly used in the analysis of components to gauge their strength, deformation, failure modes, behavior under stress, etc. This could be useful for numerically testing vessels, piping, engine parts, boilers, and other industrial equipment subjected to mechanical loads, thermal stress, fluid pressures, or a combination thereof.

Our design and analysis team at SYP tech. has exceptional skills in performing FEA simulation and analysis. We have done analysis work for many industrial and individual customers successfully.

We provide you with the best FEA solutions in the market at economical and competitive packages without compromising on standard and quality.

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Modal Analysis
  •  Static Analysis
  •  Thermal Analysis
  •  Dynamic Analysis
  •  Fatigue Analysis
  •  Creep Analysis
  •  Drop Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  •  Topology Optimization Analysis
  • Product Specific Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Analysis

  • Fluid Flow simulation
  •  Injection molding simulation
  •  Aerodynamic Analysis
  •  Electronic Cooling Analysis
  •  HVAC Analysis