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Paper Industry

Paper, board, and pulp are all products of the pulp and paper industry (PPI).

Pulping, papermaking, and finishing the paper are the three key processes utilized during the manufacturing of paper. Pulping relies on mechanical, partially chemical, or entirely chemical processes. The three main types of wood found in pulp contain components including lignin, hemicelluloses, and the cellulose fibers needed to make paper.

The whole process of paper and board making involves many processes employing devices and machines that transform wood and other biomass into paper, packaging raw material. Many thermal and mechanical processes are required in the process.

 We can provide individual components like boilers, pulp digesters, disc filters, agitators, and mixing tanks for thermal and chemical processes like pulp cooking, washing, and bleaching, etc. 

Finishing treatments, such as the likes of cutting the reel into sheets or more laborious procedures like coating or super-calendaring, are added to improve the appearance and characteristics of the finished products.

These processes require refined mechanical and electrical components that SYP Technology is capable of designing according to required specifications, standards, and certifications.

 We specialize in providing world-class equipment for the Paper Industry that will be fully aligned with global industrial standards and delivers the final products that can easily compete with any manufacturer in the industry. 

SYP can offer comprehensive services for the corresponding processes for customers, ranging from component replacement to the full system support agreement. Any problem can be solved by our technical team, which includes process experts, designers, application experts, and equipment maintenance specialists. We will provide technical and service support for the duration of the equipment's life cycle.

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